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3D printing for the dental world


Sharebot Z20 is the 3D printer technology DLP (Digital Light Processing) developed specifically for professionals in the dental sector. With the introduction of 3D printing in your workflow, it is possible to create high-precision dental models quickly and efficiently, thus improving the user experience.

The use of biocompatible materials by DMG-Dental, one of the world's leading manufacturers of resins for the dental sector, combined with the quality, definition and print resolution guaranteed by Z20, allows the dental professional to create high-precision models with the highest quality in a short time, optimizing your work flow.

Z20 is a professional product distributed by Dentalica, a leading company in the dental sector with many years of experience in the field and distributes professional software dedicated to operators in the dental world.


 3D resins – LuxaPrint

Wide range of certified biocompatible resins, exclusively dedicated to the dental sector, for 3D printing. Versatile, they guarantee a high level of precision.

Realization of models, precision surgical guides or other clinical applications

99% material transparency for better design of surgical guides (LuxaPrint Ortho Resin and Ortho plus)

Switching from digital model to 3D printing in complete safety, with an excellent level of detail reproduction

Great advantage in terms of speed and cost savings

Luxaprint: model
Luxaprint: tray
Luxaprint: ortho Plus
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